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If you have dogs or other animals you may need to have a wood fence or metal fence built. We can build all types of fencing from a standard privacy fence to thousands of feet of field fence. One of our most requested fence options is a cedar split rail fence with wire mesh on the inside to keep pets contained.

Types of Fences We Build

Please find a list of common new fences we build on a daily basis, fence repair and other services:

Privacy Fence

Most planned communities or subdivisions have a requirement from the HOA for each home to have a six foot privacy fence. They require a six foot privacy fence in the back yard which may include each side of the house as well to hide any unsightly items that may be stored. The typical privacy picket fence is 6 foot tall, has two or three rails (we highly suggest three rails) and may or may not have a bottom 2x6 rot board. The pickets are generally 5/8" x 6" made from either cedar or pressure treated lumber.

Cedar Split Rail Fence

If you are looking for a rustic fence to surround your property or even just the front yard accent fence cedar split rail is a great choice. The post and rails or split from cedar logs along natural lines and then are put together with simple tenon and mortise joints.

Chain Link Fence

If you are looking for an all round fence that provides many functions chain link is a great fence to go with. Chain link is a fabric fence made from galvanized metal which is stretched from end to end. Chain link comes in many heights and can be vinyl coated if you desire a specific color. In addition this type of fence provides security, defines borders, is long lasting, and with the addition of privacy slats can even give you privacy from others.

Wire Mesh / Field Fence

In almost any rural area you will find many people use wire mesh fencing to contain livestock and other animals. We have put up thousands of feet of 2x4 no climb wire mesh fence with round post. We have also put up the same fence using t-post for the line post. The key with this type of fencing is proper corner and end post bracing. This is a tension fence and the post have to be set deep enough and braced to carry the lateral stress of the taught fence.

No Climb Horse Fence

There is a specially designed wire mesh fence that is specifically used when trying to contain horses. The wire mesh is commonly referred to as no-climb fence (horse fence). Basically it's a 2"x4" mesh pattern so the horse can not get their hooves into the mesh and walk it down. It's also important from a safety aspect so the horse does not get hung up in the wire mesh.

Corral Fence

An even more common fence at most ranches to contain your horses is your typical four rail capped corral fence. Four rails is common for horses but they can be build with as little as two rails, its also common to put a top cap on the corral fence also. This is a very country feeling fence that usually follows the contour of the land and is often called a rolling fence.

Wrought Iron Fence

If you need a security fence or security bars we can but up traditional Wrought Iron / Steel Fencing that is strong and secure. In addition wrought iron fence is just classic and beautiful.

Fence Repair

Most of the time if your fence is rotten it is best to replace the entire fence. However, we recognize that sometimes repairs are needed so the fence can live out a full life cycle. The most common repairs to fences are fence post replacement, picket replacement, and gate repair.

Other Construction Services

We do more than build fences below you will find some other services we offer:


A simple garden arbor is just a small arched structure that has a lattice frame in which gardeners train plants to grow on.

Covered Patios

Most home builder put a little 10x10 concrete pad at the back door and call it a patio. If you want a real covered patio that has a permanent roof over it so you can enjoy the outdoors then contact us about a real covered patio that ties directly in to your home.

Other Patio Type Sturctures We Build

Deck Construction

A center piece to any backyard is a well built wood deck. Wood decks are the ideal place to hang out with your friends and family. Add a BBQ pit and some choice beverages and you got a party. Call HQF for all your deck construction needs.

Deck Restoration / Deck Repair

Over time your wood deck may start to show some cosmetic and structural problems. Wood over time will begin to twist and warp causing the wood to come loose or even fall off. Another big issue on older decks is wood rot and splintering. Both are caused by the regular exposure to the water from rain and the extreme heat in Huntsville drying out the wood. So with a fraction of the cost of replacing your deck call about our deck restoration and deck repair services.

Shed Construction

Why have a shed delivered we can build one on site for you. We give you choices when having your utility shed or barn built.


Do you need a place to grow your tomatoes, then you should have us put up a trellis for you.

Cleaning and Other Services

We do many cleaning and general labor services also, if it is a service just ask the worst that will happen is that we will have an excellent partner we work with contact you.

Hang Christmas Lights

We hang Christmas lights. We will hang your lights or provide quality energy efficient LED Christmas lights for you.

Deck Cleaning

There are times where your wood deck is in good shape, it just looks bad. Well you don't have to live with a dirty and nasty deck. We can clean, stain and seal your deck to give it a new look and a longer life.

Gutter Cleaning

Your home is very susceptible to water damage so to keep your home in good shape for many years home builders put a lot of planning in to roofing design and other measures to keep water away from your home. One of the key components in keeping your home from being invaded by water is a well designed and constructed guttering system and performing routine gutter cleaning. The gutters catch the water that runs off the roof and channels it to downspouts along the gutter channel. Once the water is diverted down the spout it either enters an under ground drain system or is dispersed by means of a diffuser or a splash block. The best option is to divert the water to a French drain other than that a splash block or diffuser is alway better that allowing the water to just hit the ground. For this system to protect your home from invading water routine gutter cleaning is needed.

Pressure Washing

Another service offered through HQF is pressure washing. We can have your fences, decks, patios, home, driveway, and sidewalks all cleaned by pressure washing. Just contact us and we can have it done for you.

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