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Cyclone Fences, Hurricane Fencing

Chain link fence is called by many names. The most common alternate names are Cyclone Fence and Hurricane Fence. The wire fence is made of a inter-woven metal splines that creates a fabric. Chain link is considered to be a woven fabric fencing material.

Commercial Fence

Chain link fencing is often used in commercial applications where a strong and sturdy material is needed for security. In addition other security measures can be added such as barbed wire, and razor wire. To add a little privacy to keep the area within the fence line privacy slats a can be installed.

Residential Fence

While cyclone fencing is commonly used by industry and commercial uses chain link was very commonly used in residential applications. With the concept of the home owners association (HOA), the dog eared picket fence replaced the use of hurricane fencing for back yards, and the white picket fence in the front yard is almost extinct in planned communities.

If you live in a rural area such as Huntsville then the chain link fence is alive and well and is a fantastic fence for containing pets and other animals. Chain link is also great for a secure area for you children to play. Chain link comes in its basic form as a galvanized wire fabric but can also be coated with a vinyl coating to give it color and added appeal.

Chain Link Sizes

Chain link comes in many gauge of thickness and heights. The most common heights are four foot, five foot, six foot and eight foot tall. Depending on your application chain link can fill the need and is relatively inexpensive.

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