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Bring Your Deck Back To Life also offers a wood deck restoration service. By the way the process can be used for fences, playscapes, and any other outdoor wood surfaces too. We provide a complete deck restoration service where we inspect, repair, clean and refinish your deck followed up by our wood protection service.

We use a chemical / mechanical cleaning method that is far better than simply pressure washing your deck. Before we do anything we make sure the deck is safe and is worth restoring, if the deck is safe or needs just minor repairs we make the repairs and then begin the deck cleaning.

Deck Restoration Process

Below you will find a simple outline of the process to bring your wood deck back to life.

  • Inspection
    • We look for design problems, rotted wood, twisted and warped wood
  • Work Area Preparation
    • We remove everything from the deck then sweep the deck of loose debris such as leaves and pine needles. We also cover any plant or other items that can't be removed.
  • Repair
    • If after the inspection it's deemed that the deck is worth saving we begin the repair process by addressing structural flaws, re-attaching lumber, straightening twisted boards, and fixing in pop up nails or screws.
  • Mist / Pre-Spray
    • We lightly mist the deck then apply a deck cleaner and brighter. This solution will emulsify all the dirt and organic growth. After the solution has had time to dwell and loosen the contaminants attached to the deck we begin a light hand brushing with stiff bristle brushes.
  • Pressure Washing
    • After the pre-spay and hand agitation its time to get busy. We begin with making sure the cleaning of your deck will be safe without damaging the wood itself. After finding the right pressure and concentration of the water stream we clean in the direction of the grain of the wood removing dirt and debris that was released by the chemical solution. After pressure washing the deck will begin to look completely different.
  • Resurfacing
    • As an option we can mechanically sand the repaired and cleaned deck giving the wood a smoother surface to reduce splinters and removes a thin layer of wood getting us closer to that new deck look.
  • Stain & Seal
    • There are two basic types of stains/sealers. They are water based and oil-based products. We prefer to use oil-based (linseed oil) over water based, but we acknowledge that advancements in water-based products have gotten much better and will save you money.
  • Detailing
    • After the process is completed and everything is dry we will find and address and areas of concern.

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