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We Fix Fence and Gates

If you have an older fence or a fence that was built by a storm chaser it is likely that you may need to have some repairs made. Most privacy fences are built by home builders and the put very little priority into the quality of the fence. The fence is an area that home builders cut corners to save money so they can have a better profit margin.

Most of these fences are built with just two rails and the cheapest pickets they can possibly get. These fences rarely have rot boards or a middle rail so the picket twist and rot at the bottom. We can replace these cheap fences or repair them if it makes sense.

Post Replacement

The most exposed element of a fence is the fence post itself. The post is set in dirt around the post is constantly going through wet and dry cycles. The cyclical moisture content of the ground causes the post do rot. Once the rot sets in termites or next to invade and destroy the wood.

We can replace a single post or multiple post. If you have more than 5-6 post rotten per 100 foot of fence it will most likely be a good idea to consider replacing the fence.

Picket Replacement

There are two reason why pickets fall off or split on your privacy fence. The first is the fence was installed without a rot board to keep the wood up off the ground to keep the bottom of the pickets from rotting. The second reason is that when the fence was built there was no middle rail installed to keep the pickets from twisting and popping out the nails. We of course can replace the pickets as needed.

Gate Repair

Gates most always need some sort of minor adjustments due to the hinges or the actual gate itself weakening. We can fix or replace your gate.

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