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We Fix Sagging Gates

The leveraged weight exerted on the hinges of a gate will cause the hinges to weaken and thus the gate will sag and not close correctly. The gate hinges are not the only source of problems that can arise, another reason a gate may sag is insufficient diagonal bracing to keep the top outside corner from drooping down.

Gate Adjustments

Gate latches and hinges are the adjustments that are usually needed after 6 to 8 months once the gate has been broke in. These are very simple adjustments that any home owner can make themselves.

Gate Repair

More serious are repairs caused by high wind slamming an open gate shut, kids swing on the gate, or more significant damage such as being hit by a car or truck.

Gate Replacement

If a gate was in-properly built it may be the best option to build a new gate and use new gate hardware. We may even need to replace the gate and hinge posts if not set deep enough to carry the weight of the gate.

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