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No Climb Horse Fence Installation

Wire-mesh horse fence is usually thought of as a 2" x 6" mesh patter. Its best to stay away from wire welded fence if you are planning to contain anything larger than a few domestic pets. Horses need to have a small mesh pattern so they can not get a hove into the mesh and push or walk it down. It is also a safety concern so the horse does not get hung up in the wire mesh.

Horses are valuable animals and all care should be addressed for their care and well keeping. A good quality no-climb fence with larger round post is suggested. Post spacing should be between 6' to 8' wide and no wider than 8'. You may also consider running a top charged wire to keep your horse contained. We also suggest a heavier gauge wire mesh and knotted design.


  • Cost savings compared to more expensive four rail corral fence
  • 2" x 4" mesh pattern protects your horses form expensive injuries
  • Galvanized wire mesh fence last longer and holds up better than low-tinsel horse fencing
  • Available in assorted heights and thicknesses based on your needs
  • No-Climb fence can be added to other fence designs such as rail fences
  • Fast to install and long lasting with proper installation and bracing

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