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Backyard Fencing For Your Privacy

Most neighborhoods have a home owners association (HOA) or a property owners association (POA). These associations usually have well laid out standards or guidelines about the types of fencing that is allowed.

A six foot privacy fence is usually the standard for most areas unless you don't live in a planned community. Even in rural areas a POA may have some standards when it comes to fence design.

A Standard Privacy Fence Design

The most common privacy fence allowed is a six foot tall fence that is built with pressure treated 4x4 post and 2x4 pressure treated rails. After the basic frame as been constructed vertical pickets places next to each other with no spacing are hung with the top of the pickets being even and level. As an option a 2x6 rot board may be added to lift the wood pickets up off the ground so they avoid rotting out. When a rot board is added it make the total fence height 6'6" tall which is usually allowed by most POAs and HOAs.

The preferred wood species for the pickets are wester red cedar. Cedar pickets last longer, look better, and warp less. Cedar is also naturally resistant against rot and insect infestation.

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