Huntsville, TX Split Rail

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Cedar Rustic Split Rail Fence

As your driving down a winding country road you may see the roadside lined with old rustic looking fences. These fences have a distinctive charm all there own. You may wish to have that same old rustic charm on your own property. Well we can build a real cedar fence made from splitting cedar logs to make the post and rails for your new fence.

Cedar Split-Rail

We can build your country styled fence in many styles but the split-rail fence is by far the most popular fence in Huntsville and this part of Texas. The benefits of building with cedar wood is obvious, it is naturally resistant to rot and wood boring insect infestation.

When we install your cedar fence we will use concrete to set the post and and the reals with be attached with old world craftsmanship using a tenon and mortise connection. This type of construction will allow for the fence to last as long as the wood does. As mentioned above cedar wood will last a very long time when using thick split cedar logs.

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