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Most farms and ranches both have the need for an inexpensive fence to contain pets, farm animals, and livestock. Also wire mesh fencing is good to keep the unwanted predators out.

Wire mesh fence comes in many styles, patterns, wire guages, heights, and construction techniques. Wire mesh fence is often know as field fence, or simply mesh fence. The main thing to consider is what type of animals are you trying to contain or keep out, how small a mesh pattern, how tall, and how strong does the fence need to be.

Field fence can be hung on wood post, or metal t-post, the best method is to use larger round post on the corners in a H-brace configuration to give strength when you pull the fence taught. In longer runs additional H-braces may be needed. For the intermediate line post either round wood post or metal t-post are often used.

The cost effectiveness of this fence is ideal for pet fencing for residential lots also.

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